FSH WELDING GROUP - Worlwide independent manufacturer of innovative welding and brazing consumables


The FSH WELDING GROUP is the Welding and Brazing division of Viellard Migeon et Compagnie , a family group set up in 1796 by Juvénal VIELLARD... read more

The FSH WELDING GROUP is a major player in the welding and brazing market in the world, especially in France.

Thanks to our large range of innovative welding consumables, the quality of our products and services, our global presence and our strong financial structure, we are recognized as THE French industrial family group in  the manufacture and distribution of high quality filler products for the assembly, repair and recharging in all industrial environments.

In line with our calling and vision, our objective is to achieve excellence in terms of quality, added value, flexibility, reactivity, ongoing improvement, R&D and personal involvement of our people to give our customers full satisfaction.

Our values

• Integrity :

All those involved with FSH Welding Group, in particular our employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders, appreciate our commitment to conducting business honestly and openly, adhering to the highest ethical standards.

• Shareholders :

FSH Welding Group are very fond of, and loyal to, their main shareholder, a French industrial family group more than 200 years old, (www.henokiens.com), which has always drawn its strength from its traditional values. Thanks to our industrial dynamism, sales growth and operating margins, and a management approach focused on the medium and long term, we are in a position to grow our Group and guarantee a sustainable financial situation to our shareholders.

• Partnership :

One of our group's main concerns is to develop its customers and suppliers. Excellent quality products and a very efficient and reactive customer service contribute to guaranteeing the trust of our external partners.

• Personnel :

The success of the FSH Welding Group depends on our people - how they are selected, developed, challenged, and rewarded - and on how well they work together as a team. Our management style, loyal and participative, is geared towards maximizing our people's loyalty, commitment, professionalism, and performance to benefit the Group, our shareholders, customers and partners.

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