FSH WELDING GROUP - fabricant de produits d'apport innovants pour le soudage et le brasage


After several years of operation, we enjoy an excellent reputation for the design, manufacture and marketing of welding, brazing and braze welding filler metals and corresponding fluxes.

We are established in increasingly sophisticated markets, and Quality is one of the factors that enable us to maintain our expertise and level of service, and to expand.


  • To achieve that, we offer our customers:
  • Constant attention to their needs,
  • Anticipation of their requirements,
  • Responsiveness in line with their expectations,
  • Compliance with our commitments,
  • Reliability and safety.

Our customers' satisfaction and our economic performance involve a culture based on ongoing improvement, via the following priorities:

  • Continuously improving the control of our products and our design and manufacturing processes,
  • Eliminating the malfunctions that affect our business,
  • Demanding that our suppliers provide us with effective products and services,
  • Working as a group,
  • Combining the conditions that enable us to get things right the very first time,
  • Preserving the environment.

Management has appointed the Quality Manager to ensure the promotion and monitoring of changes in Quality Management System. All actions undertaken by the Quality Manager to achieve this task enjoy its support.

Management is committed to make the necessary human, material, and management resources available to achieve our goals.

This quality approach is already well under way to guide us in the coming years. It represents a collective action that requires ambition for our success.

The General Management

Chemical analysis by spectrometry
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Impact test
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  • Define a Quality Policy
  • Decide on goals and implement them to fields concerned
  • Give everyone the means to reach these goals
  • Check if the measures taken have been efficient and if the goals have been reached
  • Identify the client’s needs and expectations
  • Transcription of the client’s needs in internal demands
  • Satisfaction of the client’s requirements
  • Get a feedback on the client’s satisfaction
  • Every person in the company is an essential link for the achievement of our goals
  • Make sure that we have the necessary skills to be efficient
  • Measurement and analysis of the data
  • Supervision and control of the processes
  • Select and make an estimation on a regular basis of the suppliers regarding their ability to provide a product that will meet our expectations