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The BROADEST range of manufactured brazing consumables...


1.    Copper/Phosphorus and Copper/Phosphorus/Silver: PHOSBRAZ®

  • CuP
    • manual range
    • furnace range
  • CuP Ag

2.    Silver alloys: BRAZARGENT

  • Ternary alloys
  • Quaternary alloys

3.    Brazing alloys (brass and nickel filler metals)

4.    Aluminium alloys

5.    Fluxes

A wide range of product customisation, coating and packaging in the colours of your brand, is also available.

(Studies on demand)


Restrictions on the use and marketing of Cadmium
Regulation (EU) n° 494/2011 of 20/05/2011
From 10th December 2011, brazing fillers shall not be placed in the market if the concentration of cadmium (Cd) is equal to or greater than 0.01% by weight.

Alternative alloys cadmium free are available in our brazing range. Do not hesitate to contact our technical department for more details on this matter.